Mold and wood rot cause many homeowners stress, headaches, empty wallets, and even death. Wood rot, or alternatively known as dry rot, is when fungi has found a nice place to nest and spread its brood, rotting the wood of your home. Have you ever seen wood that, when touched or pulled with very little force, just breaks apart? You were probably looking and touching wood rot. Though, strangely enough, it is rather wet for something called “dry rot.” Mold, on the other hand, can be sensitive to any allergic individuals but some species have been known to be poisonous. Even worse, if you are unfortunately enough to have Black Mold, it is best to stand clear of it since black mold can shut down your bodily functions, effectively killing you.

So what can you do about it? If you have either, it is best to first get rid of the issue before investing in crawl space vapor barrier material. That will come after. If you do not, lucky you! You can skip that step and go out and get some crawl

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Custom home builders have a lot to look forward to over the next few years.

Just look at the growing interest in purchasing houses. No matter what demographic you’re looking at, you’ll regularly find a keen desire to become a homeowner. Actually finding the ideal home and purchasing it, however, is another matter entirely. Everyone’s operating on a budget and it’s this simple fact that’s been pushing custom home design to the forefront. Whether you want to appeal to the first-time home buyer or a couple that’s looking into their third house, you’ll want to keep reading.

Know which way the winds are blowing. Here’s what today’s contractors need to keep up with.

First-Time Home Buyers Are Becoming More Common

You’ll want to take down some notes on this one, because first-time home buyers are becoming more and more common these days. You have couples starting a family and wanting a place to raise their children. You have individuals who just

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It’s a scene that plays out dozens of times every year across the United States: selling a house and moving into a new one.

If you’ve sold a house, it can be a good feeling. It can be a tremendous weight off your shoulders. So too can packing up all your boxes and getting ready to move to your new digs.

But you’re not done just yet.

If you’ve sold a home, you’re still going to need to pass a home inspection. With most home transactions, a home inspection is an essential piece of completing the deal. It usually after a buyer has signed a purchase agreement, but before a closing date. In most cases, passing a home inspection is a condition of closing on a home.

If you’ve sold your home and are waiting on a home inspection, don’t worry. It’s an important step in the process, even if it can involve as many

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