Backyard recreation

Most homeowners know that the ice, sleet, snow, slush, hail, and all forms of precipitation, really, are the natural enemies to residential fencing, but they’re not the only things that can destroy house fences. In fact, you might actually be surprised at a few things that can — and have — wrecked homeowners’ outdoor fences. Here are just a few of the most shocking ways homeowners have found their security fences destroyed.

A Tank.

Recently, an elderly couple in Germany found that a British tank had plowed through their wooden fences. According to reports, the tank malfunctioned, causing it to veer off the road and through the couple’s wooden fences. Fortunately, it stopp

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Wooden deck construction

Many homeowners prefer wooden fencing to metal fencing for their aesthetic quality, but unlike metal fences, wood fences require more upkeep and maintenance. If left to fend for themselves against the elements, wooden fences could begin to rot, fall into disrepair, lose their aesthetic quality, and ultimately need replacing.

Instead of letting that happen, here are a few things homeowners can do to make sure their wood privacy fences are well maintained.

Waterproofing Wood Fences.

Wood is very susceptible to moisture and humidity, which can cause it to crack, warp, or rot, effectively compromising its structural integrity. In order to protect Read more ...

Solar panel tracking system

The light shines on every exterior of your business. From the back to the side to the top to the front door. Maybe you’ve never considered solar panels because you just don’t think you could make them cost effective to get them installed in just the right spot. Think again. With the right solar panel mounting kit and solar panel brackets, you could add one employee to your bracket: the sun.
Mounting panels solar panels appropriately is of the utmost importance. Solar panel brackets keep panels in place and protect them for strong winds. They also moderate the heat that accumulated beneath a solar panel to prevent issues and provide air circulation. Based on where you are in the world and what the climate is like, there are all kinds

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