St. pete ac repair

While there are close to 200 million dogs and cats living in homes across the United States, homeowners may not realize that their furry pals’ fur and dander can work to clog HVAC filters, destroying their systems’ efficiency and effectiveness. Homeowners with more than three pets may want to have their air conditioning systems checked more frequently, but most local air conditioning maintenance and repair contractors recommend twice-yearly checks as a routine precaution.

Homeowners are encouraged to visually inspect their HVAC units during the course of the year and to notify their HVAC company if there is any water leakage or extreme dirt buildup on the condenser coils. Also, homeowners can learn to chan

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Closet solutions

Thinking of a new kitchen design? You’re far from alone. Renovating the kitchen, and similar spaces such as the living room or dining room, has become one of the most popular sources of inspiration for homeowners around the country. It’s incredible what a simple installation or new flooring can do for your home! But where to start? One of the best aspects of kitchen design is the bevy of options at your disposal, from beautiful color schemes to efficient appliances. Let’s take a look at the most popular picks from homeowners and get your bases covered so you can get to your project as soon as possible!

Tiling And Flooring

Did you know that carpet alone accounts for 51% of the total American floo

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Houston hvac

Air conditioning — and other such forms of home temperature control — have become massive parts of our everyday lives. It is a market that’s grown immensely in the past few decades, becoming both easier to use and cheaper to own. An in-window air conditioning unit in the 1940s cost about $350, which today equals about $3,500. Herbert Hoover, the first President of the United States to enjoy an air conditioned Oval Office, spent $30,000 on the system in 1929.
Central air conditioning is one of the more effective types of air conditioning available, as it can easily heat or cool an entire home. However, central air conditioning installation is a tricky process and can lead to several

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