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Learn More About Conserving Your Household’s Water and Energy

American households use a significant amount of water every day. On average, this amounts to 300 gallons. Unfortunately, however, about ten percent of households have plumbing leaks that waste a considerable amount of water. Recent figures show that this amounts to as much as 90 gallons a day.

A Few Facts About Household Leaks

A large percentage of water is wasted due to household leaks. Plumbing Manufacturers International, for example, reported that this amounts to 13.7% of a household’s water usage. Leaky faucets that drip once per second can potentially waste more than 3,000 gallons per year, which is enough for over 180 showers. When shower heads leak ten drips a minute, then this can waste over 500 gallons of water a year. The same amount of water could clean 60 dishwasher loads.

A Few Tips on Water Heater Maintenance

Since households require hot water for showering, washing dishes, cleaning clothes, and other purposes, it’s important to schedule reg

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Calling Upon Local Plumbing Services

Any home or public building will have a number of utilities in place to keep it running smoothly, from its plumbing or septic tank to its electrical wires and insulation in the walls. Plumbing, in particular, is important to keep in good shape, since clogged drains, leaking pipes, old toilets, or full septic tanks can cause problems. In fact, an astounding amount of water is wasted every year because too many American homes have leaking pipes or water-inefficient utilities such as bath tubs or toilets in them. It is never too late to have a leaking or old pipe or toilet fixed or replaced, though, and plumbers are always ready and willing to help out. A homeowner can effect minor repairs alone, such as tightening pipes under the sink. Anything more dedicated than that, though, calls for professional plumbers to arrive on the scene, and they’ll have the tools and experience to fix nearly anything.

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Oh No! What To Do In An Emergency Plumbing Situation

When disaster strikes and panic sets in it can be very difficult to figure out what you need to do in a plumbing emergency. Where, obviously, you will need to call an emergency plumber you can also take steps to prevent some significant after-effects of a plumbing emergency. It may seem minor, but water seeps into surfaces and furniture causing significant damage. Sometimes you can mold growth inside walls that have been affected by a sink or toilet overflow. Dealing with these situations is never fun. Here are some things you can do in a plumbing emergency to prevent the most damage.

  • Shut off your water!
    You don’t necessarily need to run into the basement and shut off all the water in your house but you do need to stem the tide somehow. If your toilet is overflowing you can turn the shutoff valve at the base of the unit to stop the water. If it’s your sink, there may be a shutoff under the sink that you can access. If your emergency is dire, say your pipe

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