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ARC Construction in Montgomery TX


ARC Construction

18193 Rabon Chapel

Montgomery, TX 77316

(281) 924-1881

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Texas state licensed mold remediation company ARC offers remediation and complete rebuild services under one Company umbrella. We do all types of water damage repairs and rebuild.

Camelot Homes in Scottsdale AZ


Camelot Homes

6607 N. Scottsdale

Scottsdale, AZ 85250

(480) 367-4300

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Camelot Reserve is Grand and now open! Our beautifully decorated new model home is now open for viewing. This hidden gem of a neighborhood is located close to downtown Scottsdale and next to the Arizona Canal. Camelot Reserve is a charming gated community of just 20 lots. Come see why we have sold over half of these homes before our model was complete. There is no where else in downtown Scottsdale where you can purchase brand new single family homes on spacious lots within walking distance to all of the amenities of this vibrant city. But hurry, this opportunity won’t last!! Contact Hilal at 480-735-4652 for more information and check out our community page!

Common Shelving for Warehouse and Industry


In warehouses and industrial spaces, good space utilization is essential. There are many options for shelves that help make the most out of space while also being efficient in terms of how easy they are to use and get to. These shelves and racking systems are engineered to be especially sturdy, since they often need to hold very large, heavy, or odd shaped materials and products. What are the most common shelving types you will encounter in an industrial setting? Teardrop pallet racking, cantilever racks, and mezzanine shelving are all very common choices for shelving.

Teardrop pallet racking is a shelving design that uses pallets for storage. Pallets, sometimes known as skids, are flat, usually wooden flat transporting supports. They are usually used in conjunction with forklifts or front loaders, since they are too heavy and large to transport by themselves. Because the roll formed racks are manufactured with teardrop mounting shaped holes on upright column, they have earned the name teardrop pallet racking. Since the mounting clips can be moved to different heights with relative ease, teardrop pallet racking is ideal for warehouses that have a large variety of different sized products.

Cantilever racks are another choice for warehouse storage, and they are often found in places like lumber yards and plumbing supply warehouses. Cantilever racks are usually made out of structural steel which has been roll formed. The rack itself is comprised of a base, arms, a vertical column, and horizontal basing. The bracing if the rack is used to connect the columns.

Mezzanine shelving often looks like small buildings of shelves that go from the floor to the ceiling, and they are made out of multiple materials, including cast iron or wood. They are distinctive in appearance, and they can also be used to create an extra floor in high ceilinged buildings. In this case, the shelves are only above the ground, allowing the usable space to be doubled without adding to company overhead. Mezzanines allow floor spaced to be opened, or a maximization of storage space to be reached.
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Experienced And Trustworthy Air Conditioning Repair Salem Oregon Services

Air conditioner repair salem oregon

Summer is here and that means most people have their air conditioners up and running. The intense heat that occurs throughout the summer can be extremely uncomfortable to live in. This is why most people have an air conditioning Salem Oregon system to cool their homes. While having an air conditioner is great, it must always be in working order to do its job. Often times, problems occur with these systems that can only be fixed by a professional air conditioning repair salem oregon service. It is highly recommended that you call an air conditioning repair Salem Oregon service as soon as the problem is recognized to avoid further and costlier damages to your system.

In most cases, an air conditioning repair salem oregon business will also offer heat pump repair Salem Oregon services and others that relate to general HVAC. Whenever there is a problem with your heating or air conditioning system, an HVAC service is always the one you should count on. Whether you need a heat pump Salem Oregon repaired or need your air conditioner back up and functioning, going on the internet to research HVAC services beforehand is recommended. This should allow you to find the best and most affordable air conditioning repair Salem Oregon service around to meet your every demand.

A Little Bit of Water Can Do a Lot of Damage

Mold remediation

Water in basement is never a good thing. While everybody needs water to live, water in an uncontrolled context can be brutal. It gets into things and destroys them. If you have water in basement, one of your top priorities is to get the basement water out.

The problem with having water get into the basement is that it can negatively impact almost everything. Besides making mold more likely, dampness can also lead to ruined carpeting, lifted floor tiles, mildew, musty smells, and warped paneling. On top of that, a wet basement tends to draw in vermin, termites, and insects.

The problems that water in basement lead to make it imperative that a person with a leak in basement get professional help. Basement contractors are capable of basement waterproofing and mold remediation. They help to clean up your basement and make sure that it stays water resistant for years to come.

Having a basement that is well waterproofed is especially important when the water table is rising. Times when the ground water builds up are likely to leave an unprotected home with water in basement. Draining and waterproofing considerations can prevent water from getting into a basement.

Basements are the lowest part of the house. They are prone to filling up with water. Unfortunately, water can do major damage. Making sure that basements stay water proof is key to ensuring the condition of a home.

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