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Are You Considering a Beautiful New Landscape for Your Las Vegas Home?

Home landscape

Are you aware that in 2001, American homeowners spent $37.7 billion caring for their property, according to the National Gardening Association? Do not be fooled into thinking that property care is limited to paint and new shingles. Landscaping can be a hugely important part in the enjoyment of your home and to its continued value in the future. Here are three great reasons to seek out a redesign for your Las Vegas dessert landscape.

  • Increase the Value of Your Home
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    Landscaping, defined as any modification of the features of the land, is as varied as it is important. Many people have stone fire pits and outdoor kitchens installed outside of their home so that they can host partie

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Three Reasons to Consider the Design-Build Method in Your New Home Construction Plans

New home construction plans

Did you know, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average home costs $272,000? It is likely to be the single most expensive thing any American buys in their lifetime. For that reason, you should be sure what you are putting your money into is a quality, reputable business that gets you what you want. Your best choice is a custom home builder specializing in the design-build method of construction. Here’s why.

  • Saves Money
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    As aforementioned, home building costs and home purchasing costs can be absolutely enormous. For most Americans, a mortgage will be a lifelong burden that they will have to carefully plan for. It makes sense to do whatever you can to reduce

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Keep Cool All Summer Long

Commercial refrigeration specialists

Back in 1993, only 68 percent of residential households had air conditioning. Now that percentage is much higher, and rising every year as summer months become filled with days bringing unbearable heat. The typical HVAC system costs the owner 1,000 dollars a year in energy bills, and these numbers also only continue to rise. That being said, there are some things that you can do to lower the cost of comfortable temperatures in your home.

Even though they can be pricey, central air conditioning systems definitely have their benefits. A central air unit can reduce allergens in the home, and filter air much more efficiently than window air conditioning units. Also, some central air units contain multiple zone controls that allow a home owner to set individual temperatures for each area of

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