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Four Consequences of Litter That Might Make Your Grimace

Bottled drinking water

Every year, the United States alone produces a staggering 11 billion tons of solid waste and seven billion tons of debris enter the oceans every year. That number is particularly disheartening considering the fact that the average office employee throws away some 360 pounds of recyclable paper every year. Though many businesses and homeowners alike are working on trying to take advantage of going green ideas and help preserve the environment, pollution remains a serious problem. In fact, there are many effects of littering alone that plague the planet.

Hazardous to Marine Life

In November, a sperm whale washed up on shore in the Netherlands with more than 37 pounds of plastic in its intestines. Scientists determine that the cause of death was an intestinal blockage. Unfortunately, th

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Preventing Repetitive Strain and Overuse Injuries

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Did you know that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 177,580 workers suffered from back injuries in 2012? Improper lifting, overuse, repetitive strain, and more can drastically increase the likelihood of muscles aches, strains, and sprains in the workplace. Staying safe, and avoiding permanent, life-altering injuries and stacks of medical bills, often depends on simple, straightforward tools and equipment.

Swivel Casters and Leveling Feet

Some of the most common occupational injuries can be avoided with simple tools and equipment. The BLS reveals that repetitive strain injuries “account for one in four lost-time injuries and illnesses.” Improper lifting is also a popular culprit; in fact, in 2012, improper lifting was partially responsible for 340,900 reported sprains, st

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Homeowners Looking to Go Green Installing Solar Panel Mounting Systems

Solar panel roof mounting

“Going green” is a phrase that is quite commonly heard today. Though some may see it as merely a trendy campaign used by those looking to establish a thoughtful image of themselves, others realize the true importance of such an initiative. The environment has become compromised at the hands of human tendencies of pollution and overzealous use of resources. Because of this, conserving energy is becoming a priority for many people, especially in their homes. Solar panels have risen to popularity in recent years due to their ability to achieve this objective of conserving energy. Those who are interested can hire solar panel installers to install solar panel brackets and and full fledged solar pa

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