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The Pros and Pros of City Living

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The American dream had drastically changed. Success used to be defined as a home in the suburbs with a picket fence, 2.5 kids, a dog, and a husband and wife. Modern American family dynamics have changed, and the American dream has followed suite.

Following the economic collapse of 2007. the suburbs are no longer viewed as the ideal living location for many Americans. In fact, several suburbanite homeowners have left homes and white picket fences in the suburbs in favor of all that city living has to offer, including spacious and cost-effective luxurious apartments. Here’s why:

City living is more affordable than you think

In the infamous rent vs. own debate, renting remains at the forefront as an affordable housing option for singles and families alike. Read more ...

Three Ways to Determine Which Fastener Is Right for the Job

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Did you know that metal screws were first invented in the 15th century? Today, screws, bolts, and all other types of fasteners have become essential hardware devices. However, finding the right fastener for a specific job can sometimes be a hassle, so you must follow certain search criteria in order to discover which screw or bolt is best for you.

1. Type. First and foremost, you must determine which type of fastener you need. Heavy hex bolts, for example, are externally-threaded fasteners that are used in tandem with hex coupling nuts, while lag screws are essentially large, wooden screws. Fortunately, whether you need metal screws or bolts and hex cou

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