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An Overview of Different HVAC Systems and How to Maintain Them

Gas furnace repair

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your heating and cooling systems running at their best. With good maintenance, average heating and cooling units can last 12-15 years.

When you call in heating and cooling services, there are several components you should have them inspect:

    Heat Pump: These heating and cooling parts only need service once a year. Contractors will check the belts and filters and replace any broken components. They’ll also inspect wiring and oil moving parts.

    Gas-Fired Furnace: An examination of the furnace will usually include checking the flue and ducts and adjusting the burner. Heating and cooling contractors will also check the heat exchanger to make sure it’s functioning properly. You should change your furnace filter yourself

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The Top Tips for Creating Beautiful and Functional Custom Cabinetry

Bathroom remodeling

If you’re considering bathroom or kitchen remodeling, one of the best investments you can make is in custom cabinetry. In fact, bathroom and kitchen designs have the most potential out of all the rooms in the house to add value to your home. There are, however, a few things you can keep in mind to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to creating highly functional storage that will appeal both to your family and to the next resident. Here are some tips:

For Kitchen Cabinetry

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How Topsoil Can Make or Break Your Garden

Landscaping stone

Have you ever tried to grow your own vegetable garden but had very little success? While you may think that your lack of vegetables is due to your lack of a green thumb, the real problem might not have anything to do with you. Often times gardeners don’t realize that their soil is lacking the essential nutrients that plants need to grow, which can result in a poor turnout of vegetables. Good topsoil can make all the difference, and if your yard doesn’t have naturally good topsoil, you may need a little help from your local gardening store.

What is Topsoil?

Topsoil, as the name implies, is the top layer of soil that goes about eight inches deep. It is typically made up of a variety of different types of soil, including clay, silt and sand. This layer consists of nutrients, organic

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2 Benefits of HVAC That Have Nothing to Do With Temperature

Home heating systems

All types of home heating and cooling systems have the same apparent goal: keeping your indoor living space at a comfortable temperature no matter what the weather outside is. But all-in-one HVAC services provide some additional benefits as well that have nothing to do with temperature:

Humidity Control

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor contained in the air, and is responsible for both that muggy, sweaty summer feeling and the dry, cracked skin that often comes with cold winter temperatures. (Near-100% humidity prevents sweat from evaporating off your skin, which is why it can feel much hotter than the actual temperature in the summer.) Whole-home heating and cooling systems offer either integrated or autonomous humidity controls to keep humidity constant year-round.<

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Lawn Care Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Tree removal costs

When you own your home, lawn maintenance can be a huge hassle. Especially if you’re from a big city, or you’ve never had a decent-sized yard before, you may have no idea of the responsibilities that go into keeping a yard looking nice. But unfortunately, your yard won’t take care of itself, so you have a few options.

Over time, you will learn what goes into proper lawn and yard maintenance. Mowing a lawn, planting flowers, weeding; these are all relatively simple tasks that you should have no trouble mastering. But what about the bigger, less common tasks. For example, do you know what to do if one of the trees in your yard dies? It can be very dangerous, and in fact, is not something you want to take care of yourself.

Another option available to you is looking at lawn care companies. These compa

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