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Three Tips to Help You Shovel Snow Faster

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It’s only December, and many places across the U.S. are already getting buried under the snow, which means one thing: time to break out the shovel. Here are a few, shoveling tips to help homeowners spend less time out in the cold clearing their sidewalks, driveways, outdoor decks and patios, and more time inside enjoying the holidays.

Get a Good Shovel.

Now, many homeowners have invested in snowblowers to make short work of their driveways, but those who have outdoor patio and decks still need to keep a snow shovel handy. After all, trying to run snowblowers on wooden decks would only damage them, and what homeowner would honestly want to hurt their investment? And it’s not like homeowners can just leave the snow on their wooden decks, either. Even if they’ve been waterproofed, tha

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How to Get Your House Looking Festive and Jolly

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With the countdown to Santa’s glorious ride already running, it’s time to get the house looking festive. Here are a few tips to help.

Choose a Type of Light.

There are tons of different Christmas lights out there, none of which necessarily look better hanging on house fences than any other. There’s the standard, small-bulbed, rainbow lights; there’s the bigger-bulbed, rainbow lights; there’s white lights; there’s white and blue lights; and there’s tons of other ones. Though each can look really quite fantastic hanging from house fences, there’s one type that’s become quite popular lately: icicle lights. Instead of having bulbs branch off of the string, they have additional strings that hang, which have lights on them — sort of like icicle glimmering in the moonlight. These are par

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