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5 Popular Window Treatments for Summer

Window valances

The summer months can be brutal for a home. The heat outside forces homeowners to rely on air conditioning to keep their home cool, and the sun streaming in can warp furniture and fade the colors in the house. Without investing in window treatments, half of your heating and cooling energy is lost through the windows. Homeowners can easily save that energy and therefore money by investing in window treatments throughout their home. Take a look at a few options for treatments, and choose the one that fits!


Shades are an easy and affordable way to protect your home. They can easily be found in hardware stores, as well as many other outlets. The benefit of shades is their cost effectiveness– they may be less durable lo

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Looking for Master Bathroom Design Tips? Read This Now

Historic home renovation

If you could have your dream master bathroom, what would it look like? While your dreams may seem far away, master bathroom design is easier than you think; all it takes is a bit of budgeting, planning, and sometimes the help of a home remodeling service.
Here are some of the best house remodeling tips for making your master bathroom a dream space:

Set the Mood
There’s nothing quite like soaking in the bath rub after a long day at the office. To make your experience as relaxing and spa-like as possible, consider versatile lighting choices. For bathrooms, ceiling and mirror lights are often most appropriate. Have your interior remodeling contractor install a

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