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Are Your Business Doors Properly Installed?


Proper door installation is important to any commercial business. One preschool day care center in Omaha, Nebraska, was prevented from fully opening until it received and installed two special doors for their storm children. These two doors which were approved and mandated by FEMA cost several thousand dollars each. Until they were installed the center’s storm shelter could not be officially approved and the business had to operate far below capacity, only caring for 15 children. It wasn’t until the solid core doors were installed that the commercial business could open fully and begin working toward their 170 student capacity.
While not all doors can prevent your business from opening, properly installing a door can protect your company in many ways. For example, a properly hung outside door can keep your comp

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Are You Properly Maintaining Your Heating and Cooling System?

Why is my furnace not lighting

Having the proper system for heating and cooling in St. Louis and other midwestern cities has never been so important. Record temperatures during the last few winters and summers have made it imperative to have the best heating and cooling systems to keep your family not only comfortable, but safe. Record cold temperatures and snowfall have made the winter months very dangerous for anyone without adequate heat. Whether you are trying to keep your family safe during a heat advisory in Omaha, or a cold advisory in Kansas City, heating and cooling companies are often your best defense against the elements.
Heating and cooling in St. Louis has been extremely challenging when you rea

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