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Dude, Do You Even Know Where Your Food Comes From?


Do you even know where you food comes from? Sure, you can purchase food at the supermarket but where did it come from before? How long did it take to get to the store, and how was it shipped there? Who harvested it, and were they adequately compensated for doing so? Was the farm even in the United States? What kind of seeds were used? Furthermore, how many chemical pesticides were sprayed put into the soil and sprayed on the crop? Better yet, were the seeds — or animals — genetically modified in order to yield a greater harvest?

These are questions you and every American should be asking themselves, because there is an epidemic occurring right here, right now, and right on your dinner table. That epidemic is genetically modified food.

Genetically modified organisms, commonly referred to simply as GMO’s,

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Kitchen Design Trends That Stand the Test of Time

Custom mud room cabinets chicago

When it comes to interior design and decorating, styles come and go. However, when done correctly, many hot design trends can stand the test of time by giving your home a classic and timeless look. This is true for many of the trendiest kitchen design styles of 2015. Since simple elegance and functionality are in, your kitchen remodel is likely to stay on trend for years to come if you incorporate some of these kitchen design trends:

Custom Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The natural beauty of woods like cherry wood, oak, and maple can add a sense of warmth and a comforting texture to any kitchen. When you choose to instal Read more ...

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