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Leaky Roofs and Damaged Shingles Could Indicate an Urgent Need for Roof Repair

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There are many beautiful signs of spring: flowers, light rainstorms, and roads that are completely clear of ice and debris. However, if one of the signs of spring is a shower of roofing shingles, it may be time to check for evidence of roof damage from snow. Experts say that damaged roofs share similar characteristics: warped roof shingles, leaky spots in caulk, and discolored areas around chimneys.

While some homeowners are reluctant to consider roof replacement, there are some new options like metal roofs or fiber-cement roofs that enjoy a solid return on investment and that may provide protection from roof damage from snow. Some newer roof types can also work against

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start House Hunting

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Whether you’re in the market for beach real estate or an East Coast vacation home, making the decision to acquire real estate is not an easy one. Below are a three questions you’ll want to ask yourself before contacting people or frantically making East Coast vacation home investments (can you tell we’re biased?):
1.Who will be living in this home?
Are you one of the 13% of market buyers investing in a multi-generational home to cope with aging parents and a millenial or two taking their time to launch? Or are you

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