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Custom Remodel Adds Value to Your Home

Custom wood cabinets cost

Most homeowners have one or more remodeling projects on their wish list. It may be the bathroom cabinets, or turning your basement into an entertainment center and family room, or adding a custom fireplace to the living room, or remodeling the kitchen to finally replace that 1970s Formica with custom wood kitchen cabinets. The rewards of home remodeling in terms of convenience and aesthetic value are obvious. But it also adds value to your home and property.

Remodeling a kitchen

You have a whole range of options when remodeling your kitchen. While conveni

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Here’s Why You Need a 24 Hour Plumbing Solution

Kitchen sink plumbing

I was not asked to write this article. I was inspired. Last summer, I got a desperate text from a friend who said I needed to come over quick. It was an emergency. I arrived at her house only to find her weeping in the middle of her kitchen, her floor covered in the most unpleasant-smelling mess I had ever encountered with my nostrils. “I just had some slow drainage!” she wept while she tried not to vomit. “I thought dumping some draino down my plumbing fixtures was enough!”
This incident more than anything solidified my belief that if you’re having plumbing issues (and even if you’re not having any emergent problems), you should know the number of a reliable 24 hour plumbing

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Great Ways to Improve Handicap Accessibility in Bathrooms

Bathroom remodeling az

Remodeling a bathroom can be a great investment, and for a person who uses a wheelchair or walker it is a necessity. Ordinary bathrooms create challenges for a handicapped individual, so creating a bathroom that is accessible to them helps to improve their quality of life immensely. So, what specifics make handicap bathrooms different, and how can you create a bathroom remodeling design to accommodate handicapped people?
When entering a bathroom, you need to be able to fit through a door with ease. Many people may not realize that handicap bathroom remodeling will require the expansion of a doorway to 36 inches. The 36 inches accommodates for turn from a hallway to the bathroom with ease.

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Want To Save Money? Get Your Cooling System Checked

Commercial electrician

Have you checked your air-conditioning recently? Many homes go months, even years, without adjusting or repairing their commercial heating and cooling systems, leading to issues down the road involving increased allergies, reduced efficiency and even a higher bill! Heating and air conditioning professionals specialize in everything from repair to safety measures and are trained to handle even the most stubborn of appliances. If you’re not sure how old or capable your home’s heating and cooling system is, look below at the top reasons you should get it checked out today.

Safety First!

While it can be tempting to save money, an old or faulty heating and air conditioning system is more likely

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Windows and Roofing 2 of the Most Important Parts of Your Home’s Exterior

Metal roofing michigan

A vast majority of homeowners (88%) across all regions of the country see the exterior of their homes as one entity and not a sum of its separate components. While all aspects of home renovation are important, the foundation/external parts are among the most important. This is due to their protective aspects, as well as their visibility.

Even though most homeowners might not see it this way, two specific parts of the exterior are windows and roofing/siding. Here are a couple things to consider in regards to these two areas before you hire roofing contractors or invest in window repair parts.

Windows: They might not be the flashiest, or most exciting aspect of the h

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