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Here’s Why You Need a 24 Hour Plumbing Solution

Kitchen sink plumbing

I was not asked to write this article. I was inspired. Last summer, I got a desperate text from a friend who said I needed to come over quick. It was an emergency. I arrived at her house only to find her weeping in the middle of her kitchen, her floor covered in the most unpleasant-smelling mess I had ever encountered with my nostrils. “I just had some slow drainage!” she wept while she tried not to vomit. “I thought dumping some draino down my plumbing fixtures was enough!”
This incident more than anything solidified my belief that if you’re having plumbing issues (and even if you’re not having any emergent problems), you should know the number of a reliable 24 hour plumbing

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Great Ways to Improve Handicap Accessibility in Bathrooms

Bathroom remodeling az

Remodeling a bathroom can be a great investment, and for a person who uses a wheelchair or walker it is a necessity. Ordinary bathrooms create challenges for a handicapped individual, so creating a bathroom that is accessible to them helps to improve their quality of life immensely. So, what specifics make handicap bathrooms different, and how can you create a bathroom remodeling design to accommodate handicapped people?
When entering a bathroom, you need to be able to fit through a door with ease. Many people may not realize that handicap bathroom remodeling will require the expansion of a doorway to 36 inches. The 36 inches accommodates for turn from a hallway to the bathroom with ease.

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