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3 Steps to Total Annihilation of Pests

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Insect infestation is not generally something we like to think about. It is a huge problem and headache and makes you feel all gross. In fact, just writing this article is making me feel very itchy and uncomfortable but unfortunately, it can be a problem and it’s one of the those problems that simply can not be ignored; it will not go away. The minute you realize that that is what is going on, whether in your work or your home, you know you are going to be online finding the best pest control services you can fathom. Let’s go through the steps just in case this ever happens to you.

  1. Identify
    First things first, you have to learn

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Preventing Costly Damage in Your Basement

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Basements are a desired and advantageous part of a home. Not only does it add additional living space to a home, there are also many uses for it. A basement can be useful for storage, for placement of a washer and dryer or even for additional living space; such as a bedroom or an entertaining room. Many people will even add a playroom for their kids to use, keeping their upstairs living room clean and guest ready. Although basements can be a great addition to any home, they can also cause unwanted problems. Keeping up with repairs and preventative maintenance is a great way to prevent extremely costly and stressful problems with your basement.

Of all homes with basement in the country, over 98% will experience some type of water damage. Additionally, in 2013, water damage accounted for 26.4% of all

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Did Cold Temperatures Damage Your Pipes This Winter? Consider Trenchless Repair

Sewer repair philadelphia

With this winter’s temperatures hovering below freezing, your pipes are at high risk for freezing and possibly bursting. It’s a problem that’s more common than you may think. In fact, water damage and freezing are responsible for almost a fourth of all homeowners insurance claims with the average claim costing a little over $4,000. Getting your pipes repaired tends to be a hassle also. Fortunately, thanks to new technology like directional drilling (also known as HDD), you can replace or repair your pipes using a trenchless service.

Trenchless pipe replacement avoids digging up your la

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Terrazzo Floors Have a Long and Rich History

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Ceramic tiles are a highly popular flooring material, widely used for their durability, resilience and ease of maintenance. With just a little effort in ceramic tile cleaning and maintenance, a ceramic tile floor can last for years. Regular professional maintains and cleaning will keep it l looking like new.

Why are tile floors so popular?

Terrazzo flooring has been used for 1500 years. Its long and rich history in many parts of the world is proof of its versatility and durability. The terrazzo flooring most commonly used by installers nowadays is thinset terrazzo. Thinset terrazzo consists of a mix of epoxy resin and colored chips, which coats t

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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair No More Disruptive Digging


There was a revolution in sewer drain cleaning methods 10 to 15 years ago, but over three quarters of us are still not aware of the modern options. Newer, trenchless sewer repair is much less invasive and therefore preserves your landscaping and avoids the need for massive restoration work.

In a survey of homeowners, 73% said they would be willing to pay more for sewer pipe replacement in order to be able to keep their outdoor features such as a patio, decking or other outside yard features intact.

There are two types of trenchless sewer repair. One, called “cured-in-pipe placement (CIPP)”, is a process that involves installing a new liner along the entire length of the pipe to seal any holes and allow for smoother, continuous flow. The other allows the old

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