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How the Internet Challenges Home Sellers to Up the Ante

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Many home buyers utilize the world wide web to browse homes in their area. This means that potential buyers are able to view a much wider selection of homes in their area in faster ways than ever before — this coincidentally means that buyers are pickier than ever before thanks to the options available on the net. While interior projects can promise significant return-on-investment opportunities for home sellers, up to 88% of homeowners see the exterior as their home as one homogenous entity instead of the sum of separate components that it actually is. Homeowners tend to spend an average of one to four percent of a home’s value on maintenance and repairs: here are some projects focused on the exterior of a home that can promise a higher return-on-investment by increasing the curb-appeal of any home.

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Window Additions From Roller Shades To Awnings

Window awnings

Windows are an integral part of any home. They let in light, brightening up your home and giving it a more natural look. They provide the views that you want, whether you’re living in the country or the city. In many ways, windows set the tone for your home. But they also have practical purposes. How a window is presented has much to do with the level of heat that is allowed in a home. Things as simple as roller shades can change the entire look of your windows, making them in many ways more aesthetically pleasing. They also give you a choice about whether or not to let in light, and when to do so for that matter. Lets look into the different things you can do to your windows, and how they can better your home.

Window Treatments: How They Can Keep Your Home Insulated

Window tre

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