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3 Tips for Getting More Money When You Sell Your Home

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We all want to know a broker?s top secrets for getting houses sold at a good price. After all, your home has been your investment — likely for a number of years. You might be sad to see it go, but when it does, you want it sold to the highest potential bidder! For that reason, we?ve assembled a list of top ways to boost your home’s value. In many cases, it will take a bit of cash now to get a lot of cash — and a quick sell — when your home goes to market, so keep that in mind. Here?s our list of “broker secrets” you may want to keep in mind!

1. Open Up Space

Right now, open floor plans are in — having room closed off from room is not popular, even if it can be nice for noise reduction. For some home owners willing to really invest in transforming their ho

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Natural Lawn Care Gives Homeowners a True Edge

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America is the land of many things, and for many Americans, it is the land of the yard. There is a reason that Americans moved in droves outside of cities in the early 20th century: land. Having your own house and your own piece of land is still an important part of the American dream for many people, even if that piece of land only amounts to a small yard.

People with yards do what they can to take care of them. Most people do, anyway. Eighty-three percent of Americans polled believe that having a yard is important and of those with a yard, 90% think it should be well maintained. What the use of having a yard if you can’t use it? That’s what most people believe.

Having a lawn in that yard is something that most Americans want and they take great care to see their grass grow full and vibrant. Natural

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A Homeowner’s Guide to Avoiding Expensive Drain Repairs

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Of all of the home repairs that homeowners have to deal with, none are quite as dreaded as drain repairs. Drain repairs are messy, expensive, and destroy your home’s lawn and foundation In the process. Don’t even get us started on the implications of damage that involves a sewer repair. Gross.

While our magic wand that allows us to avoid all drain repairs altogether is currently in the shop, we put together a quick and easy guide every homeowner should know for avoiding huge plumbing issues that are a real drain to your bank account.

Tips for Avoiding Major Drain Repairs

  1. Know before you buy.

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