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Cutting Your Energy Costs With HVAC Repair

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The heating and cooling units are very important parts of the home. They keep the residents cool during the hot, summer months and warm during the cold, winter months. They also keep temperature resistant items in the home safe, such as the plumbing and piping. The piping system in the home is at risk of bursting if the home is not properly heated, for example. Any homeowner who has ever gone to turn on their HVAC unit to find it not working understands how stressful and inconvenient it can be. You are required to call a contractor for HVAC repair, and you may be required to wait for many weeks, especially if it is during peak HVAC season.

The peak HVAC seasons tend to be at the beginning of the summer, when homeowners are first turning on their cooling units and at the beginning of winter, when ho

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Is Your Home Poisoning Your Family? Why Lead Paint is Still a Real Threat in America

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Despite extensive public outcry over high levels of lead in their plumbing, paint, and even in their backyards, the statistics are shocking: more than 75% of all homes in American still contain lead paint. More than 3 million toddlers and preschoolers — one in six American children — have toxic levels of lead in their bloodstreams. Although commercially available paints now have severely limited allowable levels of lead, there is still a huge risk from ambient lead in old homes.

Lead was used for many decades in paint, and the vast majority of homes and offices that were built before 1940 do have toxic levels of lead paint on their walls: young children have an incredibly high risk of lead poisoning because they may teethe on windowsills that have lead paint on them. They may also

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