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Preventing Damaging and Expensive Home Plumbing Problems

Drain cleaning

Owning a home can be a dream, but it also involves a lot of work. When you own a home, you are responsible for all of its needed repairs and maintenance. If the basement floods, you are responsible for the cleaning and for repairing the water damage. If the oven breaks, you must call a professional to fix it. If the plumbing system becomes clogged, you must unclog it, or call a professional plumber to provide rooter service. The plumbing is an important part of any home, but it is also prone to problems. When a plumbing problem occurs, the home can become flooded or the toilets and sinks can become clogged.

Unclogging a toilet or a sink is one of the minimal repairs that a homeowner can do. The process simply involves pouring some type of unclogging liquid into the toilet or drain, and then flushing. A plu

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Above Ground Versus Below Ground Tornado Shelters

Above ground tornado shelters

Storms are not as mystifying to us as they once were. We now know that storms are less “acts of God” that can occur at any moment, completely unpredictable — and more weather patterns that we can not only predict but quite often track with significant accuracy. Luckily, storms don’t kill as many people as they once did. But part of the reason why storms are no longer as deadly as they used to be is the use of storm shelters. Storm shelters have been in use for a good while, and have kept thousands of people safe, ostensibly saving lives. But the fact is that the storm shelters we once used — below ground storm shelters — are nowhere near as effective as above ground storm shelters. Above

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