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Create a Welcoming Outdoor Space with Landscape Lighting

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There are a variety of lighting options for your outdoor living spaces. Custom lighting can illuminate a specific area, such as an ornate garden, patio, or pool. A residential lighting designer will be able to show you how the lights themselves can serve as a beautiful focal feature. Exterior lighting is can also provide you with additional security.

When consulting with an architectural lighting design firm, they may recommend LED lights for your exterior spaces. One of the welcome design features of LED lights is that they are available in

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Enjoy More Time in Your Yard with Landscaping and a New Fence

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When it’s time to make home improvements, many people choose to upgrade their outdoor spaces. A recent survey showed that 64% of homeowners are focusing on their backyards. Approximately 58% of these upgrades are substantial, and include adding patio and walkway paving as well as new vegetable and flower beds.

Other substantial home improvements include building or upgrading outdoor structures. Around 29% of homeowners are engaging in a total overhaul of their outdoor spaces, however. These total make-overs include re-grading, terracing, and re-landscaping their yards.

A Harris Poll survey was conducted on behalf of the National Association of Landscape Professionals. There were 2,034 adults participants in this United States survey 18 years and older. The survey participants provided the follo

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Residential Radon TestingBetter Safe Than Sorry

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Radon is a radioactive gas that is the result of a breakdown of uranium in water, soil, and rock. It can enter a structure by seeping in through cracks that develop in floors or walls, or even through gaps created by sump pits where sump pump installation has taken place. Radon can enter through construction joints and spaces around pipes. Radon gas is the number two cause of lung cancer today, according to the Surgeon General’s office, smoking, of course, being number one. It is something that everyone ingests every single day, but in very small quantities. People who drink water containing high radon levels, who breathe in tiny radioactive fragments, or are exposed to radon gas for longer periods than are safe, become susceptible to lung disease, including lung cancer.

Studies sh

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Four Mistakes People Make While Purchasing a Beach Condo

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Are you shopping for beach real estate for sale? Investing in a nice piece of beach real estate has a lot of benefits. When you own beach real estate, you have a vacation at your fingertips, anytime you have the time. Your beach real estate might generate some income for you, and if you strike while the iron is hot, you might be able to buy it cheap and sell it for a tidy profit down the road.

However, not every person benefits from owning a beach condo. If you don’t know what you’re getting into, it can size up to be a money pit that you don’t get much value from. To help you avoid bummer and a half, we’ve put together a list common mistakes that make people regret their be

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Your Outdoor Furnace Questions Just Got Answered

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When it comes to the world of the outdoor wood burning furnace, there are not too many viable options out there if you are looking for quality and dependability. The truth is, you need something that is going to heat your home or place of work and you need a system that is going to do it with efficiency and reliability.

If you live in an area of the country where you would be desiring an outdoor wood furnace, then chances are you already know something about them. You have likely lived with the residential furnace or commercial furnace for most of your life. If that is the case, then you have also likely heard of the Heatmor brand.

At the present time, there are roughly around 200,000 outdoor furnace

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