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Are You Getting Ready to Remodel Your Kitchen?

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After a weekend full of company, including family, friends, and new acquaintances, your newly installed oil finished wood floors look great. You were anxious for your guests see the recently remodeled kitchen and that was part of the reason that you decided to host the Open House for your niece and her new husband. The celebration was a way for friends of the couple to wish them the best of luck before their move across the country to their new jobs in California. And while the guests of honor were the main focus of the gathering, you fielded plenty of compliments and questions about your kitchen. The remodeling project that was completed about three months ago included several upgrades, but the oil finished wood floors are definitely a highlight.
You and your husband looked at several hardwood floors whil

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How To Reduce your Electricity Bill

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Today?s energy bills are extremely high and cheap electricity is not easy to come by.The average American home spends about 2.7% of their income on energy bills. Electricity rates are so high that several people are opting for solar powered panel installation on the roof of their homes in order to combat the expenses.With solar panels, you can save an average of $84 per month on your electricity bill. Before you call the electric company to try to complain your way into cheap electricity rates, here are a few ways you can save yourself the trouble and lower your

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What Is Your First Home Project Scheduled for This Summer?

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The season of home maintenance is upon us. As the warm days of summer arrive, the chance for planning gutter replacements, window installations, roof repairs, and vinyl siding installments arrives as well. The fact that so many home and property owners use these summer months as the time for major projects, however, means that much of this work needs to be scheduled well in advance. When the best installation teams are scheduled first it is imperative that home owners make an early inquiry into getting on these schedules.
Summer Construction Projects Add Value to Your Home and Business Properties
Whether you are scheduling a gutter replacement or a roof replacement, you can find comfort in knowing t

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Finding the Right Air Conditioning and HVAC Installation and Maintenance Company in Your Area

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One of the most exciting aspects of life at home can be the total control that you have over every aspect of your home life, including the addition of measures and appliances that can significantly improve your level of comfort and relaxation at home. This is something that many homeowners take quite seriously, and the adequate measures implemented at home, it can be a lot easier to have the kind of quality of life at home that you always expected. One of the most important things that you can do to increase comfort levels at home is to install some kind of climate control system, which can be especially effective if you reside in an area with extreme temperatures and weather conditions. AC units become an integral part of thousands of households in the country, and for good reason. Accompanied by the use of HVAC s

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Pretty in Pink? Perhaps Not So Much in My Bathroom and Kitchen

Retro bathroom

Which one of these look pretty in pink? Select all that apply.

  • Stuffed animal
  • Barbie
  • Molly Ringwald
  • Flamingo
  • Bathroom sink, toilet and tub

When your grandma or great grandma had her house built or remodeled in the ’50s, pink was all the rage. Appliances, tile, fixtures, paint, wall paper. You name it and it could be pink just like the flashy plastic pink flamingos that sprouted up in lawns. And while you may have fun dressing up in a fashionable pink poodle skirt, it’s quite another thing to be greeted every morning when you brush your teeth at a pink vanity. So what’s to be done with that retro bathroom? How can you turn that into a modern bathroom?
Where do I start?
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