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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

As time goes on, certain parts of your home will need replacing. While many people focus on the integrity of their doors and roofs, it’s also important to think about your windows. It’s understandable if you’re unable to tell when your windows need to be replaced. Considering that, here are five signs it’s time to think about replacing your windows.

  1. Heating and Cooling Costs Increase

    As a homeowner, you don’t want to open the mailbox to find expensive heating and cooling bills. If you’re noticing that it costs more to heat and cool your home, faulty windows could be to blame. Older windows allow air to escape from your home. In turn, this makes it easier for outside air to enter your property. As this happens, your heating and cooling equipment must work harder to maintain the temperature you’re used to which causes energy and natural gas usage to increase

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Taking A Look At Considerations For Home Renovations

If you’re looking to renovate your home and change things up even just by a little bit, you are certainly very far from being alone in this desire. After all, data shows that up to two thirds of all people who are living in the United States (that own homes, that is) are planning some type of home remodeling or renovations project in the near future. However, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind before actually getting started on such a project.

For one, it’s important to set a firm budget for yourself and to give yourself the time to save up the money that you need. Home renovations projects can be hugely expensive, from the costs of buying materials to the costs of having them installed. However, it is also important to remember the financial benefits of renovations, as many have a high return on investment. These renovations are often ideal for the home owners who are looking to sell said homes in the near future, as a recently renovated home is not only l

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DIY Tips For Cleaning Your Drains

Fixing household leaks can do wonders for a household. The average household’s leaks account for more than 10,000 gallons of wasted water every year, roughly the amount needed to wash 270 laundry loads. The leaks in the average house are everywhere too. A leaky faucet wastes more than 3,000 gallons of water per year and 20 to 35 percent of household toilets leak to some degree according to research studies.

There are many signs of a clogged drain and it’s important to stay on the lookout for potential hazards. Ignoring a clogged drain can lead to future problems and perhaps a costly water leak repair.

Identifying the Problem

Signs of a clogged drain include:

  • Slow Drainage: A sink full of water is often a sure sign of a clogged drain and it’s important to watch all drains to see if they are draining properly.
  • Bad Smells: Odors, especially unwanted ones, are usually a dead giveaway to a plumbing problem. Waste builds up in p

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How Bark Dust Can Benefit Your Next Landscaping Project

When it comes to a keeping a well-maintained home, lawn care holds an important place in the hearts of many Americans.

In 2016, the U.S. Lawn Care industry saw $77 billion worth of revenue and retail sales of lawn care supplies are projected to reach $6.6 billion in 2019. Those numbers alone indicate that Americans are more than willing to spend big on landscape materials.

Eighty million households in the United States have private lawns and 83 percent of Americans think having a yard is important. What’s more, 90 percent of those surveyed think it’s important to have a yard that’s well-maintained. In fact, the average American spends an average of four hours per week taking care of their lawn. That’s more than 200 hours per year that the average person spends making their lawn look its best.

One of the more underrated landscape materials used to improve the landscaping of your home is by using bark dust, which is a combination of ground up bark and wood.

Fir is the

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Energy Efficiency Goals Three Key Goals

A homeowner should always be looking to reduce their energy usage in order to reduce their total energy bills. This is even more true for families of four or more. After all, more people in a home means that there will be more people using electricity. As a result, energy efficiency goals are a must for any family in America. here is why:

Some homeowners do not believe it but huge electricity bills are not good. However, customers are completely wrong in this thought process. Therefore, customers should want to get the best possible situation for their home and their vehicle.

One of the simplest energy efficiency goals involves heating and cooling. As a matter of fact, one improperly installed heating and cooling systems can potentially reduce the system’s efficiency by nearly 30%! this is not only bad, but it is also downright hazardous to monthly energy bills for the standard homeowner. Here are some goals for your energy efficiency and more.

Reduce Monthly an

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