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Grandparenting and Home Wood Working Have Some Things in Common

Final day for Grandparent Camp 2019 started with a short hike to see dragonflies, monarchs, and boy bouquets of wild Indian blanket flowers before the summer heat rose. The final cousin arrived to make Papa and Nana’s grand collection complete, and the weather cooperated enough that you were able to spend enough time outside to make certain that everyone would sleep well on the last night away from home.
After lunch, you headed for water adventures at the natural springs of cool water and emerald green damselflies. The biggest excitement of the day was you thought the middle grandson was lost back at the dining hall and an all out search commenced. With great relief, he was found asleep under a table on top of the chairs. Other notable events were a scorpion in the bug catcher and the youngest granddaughter learning to play the new frisbee game called KanSlam.
This morning you packed up and returned once again for breakfast, church devotion, and goodbyes. Message was “what lega

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Making Coastal Buildings More Resistant to Hurricanes

The natural earth is home to many storms or event that may damage property or threaten lives, from hurricanes and tornadoes to avalanches, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. While there is no way to prevent these forces of nature from occurring, modern engineering and meteorology allow developed nations to predict these events, and counter measures can be taken. Often, an area will be evacuated before a storm or an avalanche takes place, and while the buildings there can’t be moved, they can be constructed so that they survive a natural event. Buildings near California’s San Andreas fault, for example, are built on specialized foundations to survive earthquakes, and many coastal areas have levees to block flood waters.

Meanwhile, along the east coast, states such as Florida are prepared for the yearly arrival of hurricanes. These storms are among the most powerful and devastating of all, and they can cause a lot of property damage, even the smaller ones. For this reason, buildin

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Do You Have a Septic Tank on your Property?

There are some things in life that really are not that pleasant. For instance, the septic tank cleaning process can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that have septic tank specialists that offer their services. From residential settings to commercial locations, there are many times when septic tank specialists can make quick work of what would otherwise be a difficult task.
Regularly scheduled septic tank cleaning and annual inspections are often required. In fact, there are many communities that no longer allow people to clean their own septic tanks, but instead need to pay professionals for this task.
When Was the Last Time You Had Your Septic Tank Serviced?
Regularly scheduled appointments with professionals to complete the septic tank cleaning process is an important part of making sure that your home or business’s water lines w

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The Right Windows and Doors to Resist Hurricane Winds

Natural disasters and storms cannot be prevented, not even with modern technology, but measures can be taken so that lives and property are not so easily lost during a storm or disaster. Earthquakes have damaged a lot of property in the past, but newer foundations and internal structures allow buildings to resist these quakes and not fall apart or collapse. This is often done near California’s San Andreas fault and throughout much of Japan. Meanwhile, some buildings and houses are built on elevated foundations to prevent extensive flood damage, and most commercial buildings along the east coast are built with hurricanes in mind. Every year, from June to November, hurricane season may bring a number of these powerful storms, and buildings must be made ready for them. No one can prevent or divert a hurricane, and while people can be evacuated from a storm’s path, the buildings cannot. So, impact resistant hurricane windows and doors are used, and these glass door systems and Read more ...

Hiring Home Improvement Companies For the Job

Anyone can launch a home redecorating project by adding or updating furniture in their living space, but homeowners in particular, unlike renters, can hire home improvement companies to remodel the interior of their property. When these home improvement contractors are on the job, these skilled professionals can remake any or all rooms in the house in any way that the homeowner likes, from kitchen remodeling to bathroom updates to remodeling the basement. Tile flooring, plumbing, cabinets, lighting fixtures, and more can be modified when home improvement companies are hire for the job. A homeowner may refer to hardware store staff members as well as an online search for local home improvement companies, and they can view websites of home improvement companies to get an idea of how well they work. Videos, photos, and articles on these websites may showcase a contractor company’s work, and a homeowner may choose betwe

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