Which Mulch is Right for You?

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Using mulch is a great way to make sure any uncovered soil in your lawn or garden is protected from erosion and any plants in the soil are nurtured. Mulch is best applied during early spring landscaping, warming the soil, suppressing the growth of weeds, and retaining moisture in the soil. Garden landscaping companies often have many different types of mulch to choose from, and it is important to know what your options are.

Bark mulches and wood chips are two very popular choices in mulching. Bark is popular because it is attractive, easily available and resistant to blowing in the wind or overly compacting in place. Wood chips are a little less decorative, but absorb water better than bark. Colored mulch is often made from wood chips, and can bring a unified look to any landscape.

Straw and pine needles are great winter ground covers, although they do have their drawbacks. Both resist compaction and are great for suppressing weeds, and pine needles bring with them their trademark fresh scent. Straw can harbor rodents and is easily flammable, and can be less attractive than other options. Pine needles are usually commercially unavailable, and can be difficult to obtain if you do not have a pine tree in your yard.

Decorative stones and gravel are advantageous as they are inorganic. Stones will not introduce weeds or plant diseases, and are not easily blown away by the wind. They can bring a classic look to any landscaping project, but may work loose from where they are placed and can be dangerous if left in areas that see frequent mowing.

There are many other types of mulch that can be used for various gardens, such as plastic, shredded leaves, and sawdust, but the types discussed in this article are by far the most popular. If you are unsure which ground cover is best for your garden’s needs, speak to your landscaping provider or the staff of your local gardening store to find out which mulch is right for you. For more information see this.

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