Three Home Waterproofing Mistakes Too Many Homeowners Make

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Did you know that the average American homeowner will pay anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 to have their basement repaired following a flood? As The Weather Channel reports, the likelihood you’ll have to deal with home flooding is only set to increase as the climate continues to morph. It’s the main reason so many insurance companies are increasing their premiums on flood insurance.

Taking steps to seal your basement and implementing other common home waterproofing techniques can protect your home from the costly wrath of mother nature. That said, foundation repair and other waterproofing methods can be done incorrectly, actually making matters worse. Make sure you’re only protecting your home by avoiding the stupidest home waterproofing mistakes homeowners make.

Three Common Home Waterproofing Mistakes You’d Be Better Off Avoiding

  1. Encasing the Exterior of Your Home in a Waterproof Shell
  2. Exposing and fixing the foundation of your home from the exterior is a tried and true method of keeping unwanted water out of your home. As the popular online guide to home improvement Old House Online details, though, there is a huge difference between waterproofing the foundation and encasing the exterior of your home in a waterproof coating of chemicals.

    A home needs to breath. One way or another, some sort of moisture is going to get into your home. While waterproof coating can help keep moisture out, it’s also really good at keeping it in. Avoid completely coating the exterior of your home to help avoid premature decay of your foundation and wet rot.

  3. Failing to Look at the Big Picture
  4. Many of the most important home waterproofing methods have to do with fixing issues in the basement itself, but if you really want to keep your home dry, you need to take a more holistic approach to the issue. Sealing up your foundation to keep out the excess water may only treat a symptom of the real problem. Installing rooftop water catching systems and redirecting your gutters so that the water flows away from your house will treat the disease, maybe doing more good than sealing your foundation ever could.

  5. Hiring the Wrong Home Waterproofing Team
  6. If you have no idea where to begin with waterproofing your home, take heart in the fact that there are home repair specialists out there just waiting for your call. That said, the biggest mistake you can make, as highlights, is choosing the wrong waterproofing company. Bottom rung contractors are just as likely to make the mistakes on this list as you are, and they should be avoided. Do yourself a favor: research each company you’re considering online and talk with some references before putting your home’s fate in anyone’s hands.

Do you make a living waterproofing basements and the rest of the home? What are some of the most egregious mistakes you’ve seen homeowners make when implementing water proofing solutions? Share your stories with us in the comments below.

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