Why a Plumbing Company Was a Really Big Deal in the Ancient World

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Where the world be without the benefits plumbing repair services? Although it might seem hard to imagine, all you have to do is revisit the Medieval period of European history. Often referred to as the Dark Ages, the Medieval period is often romanticized and served as an inspiration for countless stories, plots, movies, and even weddings, but in reality, this was a period gross period of time.

The term itself, the Dark Ages, signifies the metaphorical “darkness” and rampant ignorance that quickly swept over Europe after the decline and inevitable fall of the Roman empire, which served as a beacon of light, education, and innovation in ancient Europe. Then as today, the Greeks and Romans were known their ingenuity, fighting prowess, and massive feats of engineering, including the Colosseum and Alexander’s mind boggling lighthouse.

But did you know that Greeks and Romans also had paved roads under which was a fully functioning sewer line? Sewer line repair and plumbing services were important aspects of everyday life in ancient Greece and Rome, just as they are today. That’s right, a plumbing company was an actual thing in ancient times, at least in developed areas such as Greece, Rome, and other metropolitan centers.

But where did the Greeks and Romans get all this civility and knowledge from. Their neighbors, the Ancient Egyptians of course. Duh.

Africa is the undisputed root of civility, technology, and cleanliness in the ancient world. The metropolitan centers of ancient Egypt rivals today’s largest cities. Just like today, a plumbing company and the residential and commercial plumbing services they provided were integral to everyday life.

Above all else, the ancient Egyptians believed cleanliness was truly next to Godliness, and worked diligently to maintain these impeccably clean standards in their personal, work, and holy places of worship. Ancient Egyptians of all classes were also diligent in maintaining the cleanliness of their body, so a plumbing company was very necessary for delivering a constant supply of water from the Nile river or another water source.

In ancient Europe however, a plumbing company was something completely unheard of. In fact, there was no such thing as plumbing. It’s ironic that people fantasize and romanticize a period of time when people threw fecal waste into the street, washed clothing in urine, took yearly baths, and had no sanitary practices whatsoever. It was the ancient Egyptians from the far northeastern corner of the resource rich continent of Africa that brought concepts of civility, cleanliness, and a plumbing company to Europe.

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