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The windows of a building are its eyes to the world. Whether in a large commercial space or letting in that natural light into your home, having the right windows installed is an important part of the structure. There are plenty of window companies to choose from, but finding the right one means finding one that you can trust to do an effective, efficient, and reliable job. And as most people who are having new windows installed or old ones repaired are not experts in the field, you want to find a team that will be straightforward and honest with you about what will work and what needs to be done. From commercial window repair to getting new home windows, you want to make sure that the job is done right.

Window installation services for a stronger home

There coul

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Wood conditioner

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a concern for many individuals. This is particularly the case for those individuals with chemical sensitivities. A recent report by CBC Marketplace revealed that when VOC levels were over 500 parts per billion, this could cause problems for individuals with these and other sensitivities.

The Results of a Study on Allergic Reactions in Children

A study was conducted with Swedish children that experienced multiple allergic symptoms. The Dampness in Buildings and Health study revealed that when children were exposed to solvents called propylene glycol ethers (PGE), that it almost doubled the chance that these children would also develop allergic sensitivities to other types of allergens.

When children’s bedrooms had high PGE concentrations, the aforement

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Install residential lifts

One of the biggest concerns many people have as they think about growing older, is whether or not they will be able to remain in their home. With the rising costs of health care, and assisted living and nursing homes being so expensive, most people are hoping they will be able to age in their homes without having to leave. Of course, most homes will require some sort of modification in order to be able to accommodate people as they get older. One such accommodation you can make is to consider installing residential lifts.

Imagine that you have a residential lift in your home as you grow older. This would allow you to be able to do things like carry groceries between the garage and kitchen, or to take laundry from the laundry room to the bedroom. An elevator would mean that you wouldn’t have to be r

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