The 5 Most Important Factors That Affect the Cost of Custom Cabinetry

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The best custom wood cabinets cost quite a chunk of change; there’s simply no way around that. However, there are many benefits that can make custom wood kitchen cabinets, in particular, worth the extra expense. The kitchen is the center of a home. You’re likely to spend lots of time there, and these rooms are increasingly being seen as showplaces, rather than purely functional spaces. So why can custom wood cabinets cost so much? Here are a few of the factors that go into determining pricing on custom cabinetry:

  1. The Size of Your Kitchen

    The larger your kitchen is, presumably the more cabinets you’ll need. For obvious reasons, this increases the price of the quotes you’re likely to see.

  2. The Types of Units You Want

    One of the greatest advantages of choosing custom cabinetry is that there are many cabinet types that make a kitchen easier to organize and use. Drawers, open shelving, lazy susans, hanging wine racks and pot racks can all be integrated into the cabinet designs so that you can keep everything at your fingertips (and spend less time piling everything up on standard shelves). But these add-ons cost more, of course, so you’ll need to balance out the functions you’ll actually use against your budget.

  3. The Material Your Cabinets Are Made Of

    Cabinets can be made of many different types of wood. Oak, maple, pine, birch, alder, walnut, bamboo and cherry are all popular choices. Oak and pine are the most affordable, maple is in the middle, and cherry is the highest end.

  4. The Door Style You Choose

    Cabinet doors come in many styles, from flat panels to understated shakers to elegant raised patterns. Generally, more detailing means a higher price.

  5. The Finish You Want

    Most of the time, wood is stained to bring out the natural grain and color of the wood variety. But painting is a popular choice as well. Custom painting can cost a little more, but is an integral part of some design schemes. White cabinets can be very traditional (either in formal or cottage-y designs), but more and more kitchens are using bold colors on the cabinets, or mixing wood and painted cabinets for a unique look.

What kind of custom cabinetry would you choose if price weren’t a factor? Share your dream kitchen ideas in the comments!


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