Understanding Which Building Material is Right for Your Pool Deck or Patio

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For decades, choosing the best material to use in the construction of your above ground pool decks has been simple, because there was only one choice — wood. However, as technology has improved and new materials have been innovated, you now have more options than ever when designing and building decks for pools.

Having trouble deciding which building material is the best for your unique needs? Here are three of the most common materials you can incorporate into decks and patios today, with all their advantages and disadvantages:


As stated before, wood is without a doubt the most traditional material for building decks. Pressure-treated lumber for decks inexpensive, attractive, natural and available in a wide variety of colors. However, wood is also notoriously prone to warping, cracking and splitting, especially if you live in a particularly rainy or snowy area. Having a wood deck requires a fair amount of maintenance — you’ll need to re-stain and weather-treat your wood deck about once a year.


Vinyl and composite decking (which combines wood fibers with recycled plastic) is a lower-maintenance option when compared to wood. It doesn’t warp or split like a wood deck will — and you can walk around on your vinyl deck without being afraid of splinters. However, vinyl and composite decking is a bit more costly, and is less attractive than wood to many people.


Aluminum decking is pretty rare, but it has its advantages. It’s both the strongest and longest-lasting material available for pool decks today, meaning you’d be missing out by not at least considering it among your options. However, aluminum decking is the most expensive option on this list, which might deter some. But if cost isn’t an issue, aluminum might be the perfect material for you and your pool deck.

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