How to Prevent Large Water Damage Problems

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When you become a homeowner, you quickly learn about all of the possible things that can go wrong with your home. You are responsible for completing preventative maintenance to prevent major repairs from being needed. However, problems do still occur and require professional maintenance. Plumbing is one of the most common household repairs. It is also one of the household repairs that can lead to much larger of problems if not fixed immediately. A plumbing repair may be needed in the event of a clogged drain, a rising water bill without increase water usage or a minor water leak. Any of these problems might signify that a professional plumber is needed for a repair.

Plumbing emergencies are actually very common. According to industry estimated, 14,000 people in the US experience a water damage emergency at home or work every day. Additionally, some homes that are in more risky of states or locations near large bodies of water are more at risk of water damage. Homes with basements will also experience more flooding problems. 98% of basements in the US will suffer from some type of water damage during their lifetime.

Many homes will experience some type of water damage at some time, because the majority of homes are built with outdated piping. It can be very expensive to replace entire plumbing systems. Many homes choose to put it off and to simply fix the problem at hand. Although this will solve the problem temporarily, it is likely that additional problems will arise in the future. Homeowners who own homes or commercial properties with outdated plumbing systems need to be especially aware of the condition of their plumbing. They need to constantly look out for any possible plumbing problems.

When a minor problem is ignored, it generally leads to a much more extensive and expensive problem. The average cost of a home water damage insurance claim is $6,965. Homeowners with insurance that covers the water damage will be satisfied that their damages are covered, but will be left with an in progress construction project for many months, which can be inconvenient and tiresome. Many large water damage projects can be detected with a clogged drain or leak detection services. Water damage repairs may be quite extensive, requiring proper remediation and replacement of water ruined items. The wood in the walls may need to be torn out and a professional carpet cleaning may be needed to properly soak up contaminated water sources. If mold needs to be cleaned or tested, the process becomes even more complex and timely.

A homeowner should do regular plumbing checks on their home, especially if the plumbing is outdated. They should test all of the water sources in their home, looking for a clogged drain when water backs up. They should run the bathtubs for a while, paying attention to how well they drain. Toilets and sinks should flush and drain without much effort. Homeowners may also need to test the water pressure of their faucets and sinks.

Additionally, paying attention to water bills can be helpful. If you notice that your water bill has increased drastically, yet you have not increased your water usage, it is likely that there is some type of a water plumbing problem. A professional plumbing can look for a clogged drain or a water leak somewhere on the line.

Many of today?s homes were built many years ago, meaning that the plumbing systems in them are outdated. Although the entire plumbing systems may not need to be completed replaced yet, these homes are more likely to experience more plumbing problems. A homeowner with a home that is older needs to watch out for a clogged drain, leaks, higher water bills and do regular leak detections. Finding a plumbing problem early and quickly correcting it can save the homeowner from a much larger water damage problem.

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