15 Things You Can Do If You Are Not Home Waiting for an HVAC Repair Service

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Few things are more annoying than a broken air conditioner. In the middle of summer. At a time when you have hundreds of things you could be doing instead of waiting for the heating and cooling repair service team.
Whether you are waiting for repairs for a ductless air conditioning system or you are waiting for a whole home air conditioner installation, the waiting can seem unbearable. Consider all of the things you could be doing if you were not stuck at home awaiting the arrival of a ductless air conditioning maintenance team:

  • Everyone is going to the lake this weekend. the invitation, should you chose to accept it, includes boating, tubing, sunning, volleyball playing, and eating. Lots and lots of eating!
  • Neighborhood movie nights at the park, parades on the Fourth of July, and all day parties at th neighborhood pool.
  • Joining your college friends who are in town for the day.
  • One more round of golf at your favorite course.
  • You can enjoy the day at the diamond watching your son in his last summer of legion ball before he heads off to college.

  • Yearly reunions with cousins and aunts uncles. This year the plan in to spend a three day weekend camping and fishing together at a local campground that has places for the kids to swim and the adults to relax.
  • Once in a lifetime concert tickets to see your favorite high school band. The catch is the hotels are sold out so you have to make the two hour drive there and back on the same day as the concert. No time for waiting at home for a service repair call.
  • Unlimited ride passes at the state fair!
  • Relaxing at an outdoor Shakespeare performance of Romeo and Juliet.

  • Shopping with the girls! Shopping trips are a blast, whether they are planned or spontaneous, with the neighbors or with relatives.
  • Unstructured time at the art museum visiting the new traveling exhibit of pictures of the Grand Canyon, followed by a seminar with the photographer who tool all of the shots.
  • Miles of biking trails that will lead you to a destination with friends from work, a nice cool beverage, and some delicious barbeque.
  • Make and take night at the local craft store. With a group of your friends and everyone’s daughters, you have plans to make a summer solstice door hanger that everyone can take back to their house.
  • Enjoying the once in a lifetime solar eclipse that, weather permitting, will occur just an hour south of your home. You have plans to leave early in the morning
  • Return visits to all of your favorite summer spots: the local library, an outdoor cafe, your favorite botanical garden, a small outdoor farmer’s market. a peaceful and uncrowded lake, and the top of a mountain.

Air conditioner repair is never fun. It can be expensive, inconvenient, and time consuming. The best advice, of course is to make sure that you schedule the proper maintenance visits for any HVAC installation, from the newest ductless air conditioning systems to the older models that are still in many homes. The fact that 66% of the homes in America now have air conditioning means that when the temperatures soar, you are not going to be the only one calling in for a repair on a ductless air conditioning system. You will have to get in line, and wait until it is your turn. Instead, experts recommend that in order to have an efficiently running heating or cooling system, you should have yours serviced twice a year: once before the hottest temperatures of the summer and once before the coldest temperatures of the winter.
If your AC is 10 years or older, you may save as much as 20% on your energy costs by replacing it with a newer, more efficient model. Sometimes biting the bullet early and budgeting the money on a new system proactively is the best way to avoid getting stuck with an unexpected and expensive repair bill later. On the hottest day of the summer. Luckily, today’s air conditioners use about 50% less energy than they did in 1990, so the immediate energy savings can start to help a property owner recoup the cost of the upgrade.

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